Can Construction Cleaning Be Green? 5 steps to green clean your site.

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So we are asked this a lot. Can you do an effective job of cleaning a construction by being green? The answer is a resounding “Yes!”. Your worksite says a lot about you and your construction company. General contractors are notorious for making a big mess and then just leaving it till the end for […]

Why giving back to your environment is so important

Green Cleaning gives back

5 reasons why green cleaning helps our planet At Green and Clean by Urban Echo, it’s no secret that we value our planet and the people on it. Since our inception in 2015, we have made it our mission to give back to the community. Healthy green living and green cleaning is our passion. We […]

Want To Naturally Increase Productivity For You And Your Employees?

A surprising look at how your office smells, and how it affects employee output. 6 Scents That Can Reduce Stress And Increase Productivity In The Office. Being in a corporate setting all day, or running a startup company can be a prescription for stress and mental blocks. How do you deal with the stress? Perhaps […]

4 Great “Green” Initiatives For Corporations

A company’s commitment toward stewardship of the environment is an admirable thing. Rewarding employees for driving electric or fuel efficient cars, recycling waste materials when required and cutting down on natural resource consumption and using renewable energy to fuel factories are all great initiatives. Many large corporations like Ford, Disney, Johnson and Johnson, Nike, Starbucks […]

Summer Is Here And We All Know What That means. 4 Non-Toxic Ways To Remove Ants From Your Environment

Thats’s right. It’s ant season again. Time to come up with some natural solutions to your ant problem, so read on. So you wake up one morning and you see you have some guests for breakfast, but the trouble is, you didn’t invite them. Pesky ants have invaded your kitchen and are making their way […]

Are green products as effective as traditional products for house cleaning?

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So you have all heard the stories about traditional cleaning products. Some claim that they are the only way to get things truly clean. You may be wondering if this is completely accurate. There are many “green” alternatives on the shelf. What does green really mean? If you assume it means non-toxic, then you may […]