Why giving back to your environment is so important

5 reasons why green cleaning helps our planet

At Green and Clean by Urban Echo, it’s no secret that we value our planet and the people on it. Since our inception in 2015, we have made it our mission to give back to the community. Healthy green living and green cleaning is our passion. We realize that not everyone shares our pride or passion for living an environmentally sound lifestyle. We believe this may break down to lack of knowledge for why this is so important to all of us. At Green and Clean, not only walk the talk, but we make it our mission to be informative and educational when talking about the importance of a healthy clean planet. After all, we are each one of us connected by sharing Mother Earth.

  1. Green cleaning products help keep the water supply clean. We all know dumping toxic chemicals into the water supply is bad for all of us. Enough said!
  2. Green products improve  indoor air quality. This lowers the health risks associated with traditional toxic cleaning products. Eye and respiratory problems are a risk when using toxic chemicals in the home or office. Allergies, nausea, migraines and even reproductive problems are associated with these traditional toxic products.  
  3. Pets will benefit from green cleaning. Say you have a cat or a dog. You know how they love to lick their paws right? Now imagine you just washed the floor with a toxic chemical cleaner. Sweet little Fluffy or precious puppy Rex walks across that freshly cleaned floor. On their paws are the toxic chemicals. They now lick their feet. In essence, you could be poisoning your pets. Not good. Veterinary emergency visits are emotionally and financially draining. Best go green!
  4. Green cleaners help your things last longer. Traditional products wear down most household items with their harsh chemical composition. Over time surfaces break down. Things like countertops, furniture and wood floors will last longer if you have a less harsh, natural alternative touching them week in and week out.
  5. Smell. Green cleaning helps the planet smell better. Many green cleaning products contain natural essential oils that make your home smell great.

Happy cleaning to all my friends!

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