Employee Productivity Lagging? It could be how your office smells.

Learn how environment affects creativity at work

A clean work area looks inviting to potential clients and employees. It is a no-brainer to have a clean office. After all it is part of your brand. It instills confidence in you and your abilities. But how does it smell? Is it riddled with chemical aroma that reminds it’s inhabitants of a hospital? How will that make your customers feel? Do you want them to leave with an uplifted feeling, or with funk in their sniffer? 

Now, if the scent in the office is pleasant, inspirational even, what does that do for morale, for both employees and clients? 

Happier employees are more productive employees

Productivity rates can lag. We all know this. Depression is rampant in corporate America. We hear it all the time. Lack of sunlight and mental stimulation all contribute to this. How can we engineer ways to combat this lag? How can we inspire our employees to perform at peak levels? 

Is the air quality good in your office, or do carbon monoxide levels soar when multiple people are in a closed room for 8 hours a day? Oxygen zapping closed rooms can have a large impact on the brain power of the people inside them. Does your office smell musty and depressing? Does it smell like harsh cleaning chemicals that are reminiscent of a recent clinic visit. Scents can conjure all kinds of memories and emotions. How an environment speaks to someone can be largely dependant on aroma.

So what to do?

How can we engineer a fix for corporate funk? Enter green cleaning products! These products have built in essential oils that can boost mood and inspire innovation. What’s more, if you hire a company that can use these formulas, your effort in making a better environment is built into a service that you would normally need anyway. Choosing a scent that everyone likes will make employees want to be there. What’s more, you will want to be there too!

Your next great idea may be just around the corner!

Happy cleaning!


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