4 Great “Green” Initiatives For Corporations

A company’s commitment toward stewardship of the environment is an admirable thing. Rewarding employees for driving electric or fuel efficient cars, recycling waste materials when required and cutting down on natural resource consumption and using renewable energy to fuel factories are all great initiatives. Many large corporations like Ford, Disney, Johnson and Johnson, Nike, Starbucks and Google all have jumped on as leaders in this arena. Doing things such as having a zero waste policy means that there is nothing that would end up in landfills. Google has even gone as far as bringing goats into trim the lawn. Hyper-creative solutions to environmental issues abound, but is your company really doing all it can, to eliminate toxic effects in it’s office environments?

There are many aspects of environmental awareness that still go unnoticed. For example, overcoming our habits of using throwaway and single-use products is still a major issue. Even though we may recycle them, the best thing we can do for the environment is to not make the waste in the first place. North America tends to be the leader in waste production, and it is our responsibility to bring this under control.

Here are some other “green” corporate initiatives that you may not have thought of:

  • Green service procurement: Do you contract suppliers and vendors that produce sustainable or non-toxic solutions? Are you partnering with companies that value the environment as much as you do? Contracting with companies who offer environmentally friendly non-toxic natural solutions are the best way to show your customers and employees that you care about the environment. Hiring a green cleaning company to clean your office, or using a vendor that use non toxic natural methods to produce your raw materials are 2 great ways to start.
  • Have a “ride your bike to work” day, or allow employees to work from home. Encouraging energy efficient vehicles is one thing, but avoiding time and energy costly travel is another. Some employees can work well from home and are not required to be on-site at all.
  • If you are building an office facility, incorporate state-of-the art energy efficiency features such as solar panels or hyper-efficient insulation. There could be rewards programs the government offers to incentivise this, so check before you begin.
  • Cloud computing: In addition to using things like Google Docs, which eliminates the need for energy zapping servers, allowing employees to share on the cloud can eliminate travel time and paper waste. It’s a win-win for employers and the environment!

In conclusion, all of these things can help everyone in the long run. We all have to live on this planet, so that means we are all connected by our environment. What benefits one of us, benefits us all! Having a clean, non-toxic environment will improve quality of life for us, and generations to come.

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