Are green products as effective as traditional products for house cleaning?

So you have all heard the stories about traditional cleaning products. Some claim that they are the only way to get things truly clean. You may be wondering if this is completely accurate. There are many “green” alternatives on the shelf. What does green really mean? If you assume it means non-toxic, then you may be right in some of the cases. It could just mean they are made using less resources than traditional products. In the true sense of the word, “green” should mean non-toxic, or made with natural ingredients.

Many of our cleaning clients have said “so what if it isn’t a green product, I just want my house clean.” Well, here is why you should care:

Traditional cleaning products create many health risks. Bleaches and ammonia have been linked to cancer and respiratory issues. Career-long cleaners who have devoted their lives to being professional maids in studies have shown to have as much lung damage from inhaling cleaning products as a 20-year long smoking habit effect. This fact is both alarming and eye-opening.

Some strong chemical ingredients in modern household cleaners were designed solely for their  antimicrobial properties. The problem with this assumption is that these chemicals also kill probiotic organisms, in other words the good bacteria. Many of these chemicals get absorbed through the skin and cause a wide range of health problems.

So, what is the alternative you may ask? Since off the shelf green products have to be scrutinized too, the best bet is to make your own products from ingredients you know are natural. At Green and Clean we do just that. Our products are made from the base ingredients of distilled water, pure white vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and a touch of essential oils. In almost all cases these products do the job and are much better for the people using them, and are better for the environment too.  So rest assured that if you choose our company to do your cleaning, whoever occupies your living space will be safer too. 🙂 For more tips on green corporate cleaning go to

Happy Cleaning!


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